We are raising money for our local ALS population!

This will be a special performance from and for our beloved friend, husband, father, director, and lip-sync enthusiast, Chris Clark. Chris has been thriving with ALS for over 3 years. And even though we all warmed up from the Ice Bucket Challenge years ago, ALS remains a terminal disease, and still has no known treatment.

There are very smart doctors worldwide who are working on a cure, but for anyone living with ALS, the focus is on treating symptoms, and adapting lifestyles. Which is EXPENSIVE! And that is why we have decided to re-remount one of Chris' favorite shows that he directed: XANADU! Only this time we are raising money to support people in the Utah community who have been diagnosed with ALS.

There are SO MANY things that are needed for anyone with this disease. ALS can start anywhere in your body, legs, neck, etc., and as it progresses ALS REQUIRES that you adapt, like acquire a cane, and then a walker, and then a wheelchair, and then a shower seat, and then, and then, and then...the list goes on and on. And for those who have no family or friends to help them through, or money, things are even harder. So by the fires of Hephaestus we are gonna help!

Most of the original cast will be coming back for this show! This is another chance to laugh in the face of ALS, in the face of danger, and in the face of the person sitting next to you! As part of Hale After Dark, performances will be: Sept. 25-28 @ 10:30 pm, with a matinee on Sept. 28 at 11:00 a.m. Tickets are $40 minimum with a $15 special price for students (Wed and Thurs. perfs only) . All of the proceeds go to local charities to benefit local ALS heroes.